1. umk0

    VK.Chat 0.2.1

    Плагин написан для синхронизации чата и беседы в вк.
  2. OciXCrom

    Game Messages & Sounds Manager v3.0

    With this plugin you can easily replace the standard in-games messages like "Bomb Planted", "The target has been bombed", "Bomb Defused" etc. In addition, you can also replace the CT/T win sounds, sounds when planting/defusing the bomb, radio command sounds and so on.
  3. perfectblood0

    Simple Chat Prefixes 1.0

    Simple Chat Prefixes - простой плагин, который добавляет префиксы в чат Префиксы доступны по: SteamID IP Ник + Пароль
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