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11 Фев 2019
Amx Mod X
ReAMXX 1.8.3
Metamod-r v1.3.0.127, API (5:13)
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[1] AMX Mod X RUN - amxmodx_mm_i386.so v1.8.3-Re ini Start ANY
[2] MySQL RUN - mysql_amxx_i386.so v1.8.3-Re pl1 ANY ANY
[3] Ham Sandwich RUN - hamsandwich_amxx_i386.so v1.8.3-Re pl1 ANY ANY
[4] CSX RUN - csx_amxx_i386.so v1.8.3-Re pl1 ANY ANY
[5] Engine RUN - engine_amxx_i386.so v1.8.3-Re pl1 ANY ANY
[6] CStrike RUN - cstrike_amxx_i386.so v1.8.3-Re pl1 ANY ANY
[7] Fun RUN - fun_amxx_i386.so v1.8.3-Re pl1 ANY ANY
[8] FakeMeta RUN - fakemeta_amxx_i386.so v1.8.3-Re pl1 ANY ANY
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[ 79] [ZP] Effects: Infect 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_effects_in running
[ 80] [ZP] Effects: Cure 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_effects_cu running
[ 81] [ZP] Effects: Lighting 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_effects_li running
[ 82] [ZP] Ambience Effects 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_ambience_e running
[ 83] [ZP] Main Menu 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_main_menu. running
[ 84] [ZP] Objective Remover 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_objective_ running
[ 85] [ZP] Gameplay Fixes 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_gameplay_f running
[ 86] [ZP] Team Scoring 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_team_scori running
[ 87] [ZP] HUD Information 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_hud_info.a running
[ 88] [ZP] Server Browser In 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_serverbrow running
[89] [ZP] Ammo Packs 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_ammopacks. running
[90] [ZP] Grenade: Fire 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_grenade_fi running
[91] [ZP] Grenade: Frost 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_grenade_fr running
[92] [ZP] Grenade: Flare 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_grenade_fl running
[93] [ZP] ZP 4.3 Subplugin 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_zp43_compa running
[94] [ZP] Addons: Bank SQL 0.9.2 Epmak zp_bank.amxx running
[95] [RZ] VIP Core / Engine 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_core.amx running
[96] [ZP] WPN Minigun 1.65 CLLlAgOB zp_extra_minigu running
[97] [ZP] Extra: Anti-Infec 1.0 MeRcyLeZZ zp_extra_human_ running
[98] [ZP] Extra Item: Force v2.1 lucas_7_94 bubble_shield_w running
[99] [ZP] Extra Item: Sawn- 0.4.5 meTaLiCroSS zp_extra_sawnof running
[100] [ZP50] Extra item: Gas 3.0 H.RED.ZONE zp50_gas_mask.a running
[101] unknown unknown unknown zp50_grenade_re bad load
[102] [ZP50] Team Semiclip 3.3.1 schmurgel1983 zp50_team_semic running
[103] [ZP] Zombie Class: Ex 1.1.0 (zp5 schmurgel1983 zp50_class_zomb running
[104] [ZP] Bazooka + new mod 1.6 Vechta, Snaker B zp5.0_bazooka_w running
[105] [ZP] Extra Item: Confu 1.3 Dias zp_extra_confus running
[106] [ZP] Extra Item: Concu 1.4 NiHiLaNTh zp_extra_conc.a running
[107] [ZP] Extra Item: Barna 0.1.0 PomanoB zp_barnacle_ext running
[108] [RZ] VIP Extra Damage 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_damage.a running
[109] [RZ] VIP Armor 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_armor.am running
[110] [RZ] VIP Health 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_health.a running
[111] [RZ] VIP Fall Damage 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_fall.amx running
[112] [RZ] VIP Bombs 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_bombs.am running
[113] [RZ] VIP Message 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_message. running
[114] [RZ] VIP MultiJump 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_multijum running
[115] [RZ] VIP Immune 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_immune.a running
[116] [RZ] VIP Boardscore 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_boardsco running
[117] [RZ] VIP Ammopacks 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_reward.a running
[118] [ZP] Admin Models 5.0.8 ZP Dev Team zp50_admin_mode running
[119] [RZ] VIP Clip 1.1 H.RED.ZONE rz_vip_clip.amx running
(101) Load fails: Failed to allocate memory (plugin "zp50_grenade_remover.amxx")
119 plugins, 111 running
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MySQL 1.8.3-Re AMX Mod X Dev Team running
Ham Sandwich 1.8.3-Re AMX Mod X Dev Team running
CSX 1.8.3-Re AMX Mod X Dev Team running
Engine 1.8.3-Re AMX Mod X Dev Team running
CStrike 1.8.3-Re AMX Mod X Dev Team running
Fun 1.8.3-Re AMX Mod X Dev Team running
FakeMeta 1.8.3-Re AMX Mod X Dev Team running
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Can't change ammos while a player is in game
static class person

Hi there, I'm running this plugin (SQL Bank : [Subplugin Submission] [ZP] Addon: Bank SQL v0.9.2 (Updated 10.01.2012) - AlliedModders ) for Zombie Plague 5.0.8.

So, the plugin load ammos when a player connect and record them when he disconnect ( database )

so , if a player in game and i add ammos to him using php script , the value will change in the database , but not in game

when he disconnect , his ammos ( unchanged ones ) will be sent from the server to the database , and the value on the database will be overwritten

so database get the the old ammos value

example :

player have 5k ammos on database

he connect , server loads 5k from database

i add 5k , so the value in database becomes 10k , but in game still 5k ( because the plugin loads value on player connect )

he disconnect , the server send the "5k" value again to the database , so it got overwritten